My choice is Transcendent!

Careers with Transcendent Healthcare

Transcendent Healthcare is looking for the best and brightest to join our growing Post-Acute Care team.

Since its inception, Transcendent Healthcare has strived to change the landscape of long-term care and senior living services in Southwest Indiana. With skilled nursing facilities and accredited outpatient rehabilitation centers in Warrick and Gibson Counties, Transcendent’s continuum of care already rivals that of larger companies, while focusing our efforts on locally-owned, collaborative health care services that meet the needs of the communities we serve. We invite you to apply in person at any of our locations or submit a resume to

Many great chefs began their culinary careers washing dishes or busing in restaurants commercial kitchens.  Many accomplished nursing executives started as nursing assistants.  And many of the very best health care operators, including Transcendent’s own President and Owner, worked their way-up from entry-level positions in health care facilities.

With this in mind, Transcendent Healthcare began with the idea that, a lot of desire, an opportunity and a well-executed game plan- can turn jobs into careers.  Sixteen years later the company has continued to be built by not only attracting the best people but also by providing them with an opportunity to grow, to advance and to provide for their patients and for their families along the way.